Questions from the Future


DIGITAL SCARCITY has been taken to a enhanced level with (i) protocols envisaging a limited amount of creation of digital assets as well as with

At what speed are you embedding finance in whatever you do?

EMBEDDING FINANCE has several meanings.

Keep a bucket for yourself and not leave it to competitors regardless of low ebitda: alipay, applepay, samsungpay. Structure a API stragegy as key enabling driver: Plaid ,fabrick, True Layer,Publicis Sapient.

If BANKING got PSD2 what will PLATFORMS get?

PSD2 opened what was, before, “banking only activity” to new operators with specific mandatory obligations for banks. Platforms are judicially being tested, rather mildly, on FRAND access and Must Carry obligations.

Which actors?

Or in terms of Google regions , Alibaba area, Baidu territory, Tencent borders, Rakuten sphere?

How do you PRICE yourself as a DATA FUNNEL?

Data funnels are structures of info that represent how you interact, in this case, with internet. You originate or contribute to create # data funnels. And you are, accordingly, “priced”. The new,online, personal status is You As A Data Funnel.

Awaiting a slack of digital ledgers?

We see a future of private and public interconnected ledgers.Name it if you wish the #SLACK of LEDGERS.
Any project, school registration, due diligence, supply chain,is relying on e mails, GANTTs, content appended to email, web repositories, all singularly disconnected (from other platforms).

Telco’s direction?

If hosting (Google, Bing )* provides content and content talks only to hosting, where should Telco go?

Google Wallet cracked: How insecure is current security logic?

We believe that the modalities to avoid the cracking of the Google Wallet do not consist in addressing and managing the Rooting procedure, which is available to skilled consumers and therefore not safe, as it is approachable and executable at a retail level.